Fujifilm X10 firmware 1.03 to address 'Blooming (White disk) phenomena' [sic]

The latest Fujifilm X10 firmware is now available, including an update to reduce blooming visible in EXR Auto mode. Whether this will be the end to the white disc debaucle is unclear.

Click here to go to the Fujifilm X10 support site to download firmware 1.03

Full details of the update: 

The firmware update Ver.1.03 incorporates the following issues:
1.New function for “RAW” button can be applied by customer’s preference
By holding down RAW button for approx. 2 second or more, RAW button can be applied into new function similar to “Fn” button setting.
2.Each value set on ISO sensitivity and Dynamic range can be maintained even if aperture setting mode (P / A / S / M) is changed.
3.Face detection function is upgraded to keep tracking face by means of face-tracking AF function. As this function is activated even in movie recording mode, AF on detected face in the movie becomes more effective.
4.Blooming (White disk) phenomena, which can be observed in EXR AUTO mode, is reduced.
5.Compatibility on Mac OS 10.7
When the camera is connected to Mac PC on Mac OS 10.7, the camera is effectively recognized. Additionally, compatibility on RAW FILE CONVERTER EX with Mac OS 10.7 has been confirmed.
6.AF confirmation sound was controlled on “SHUTTER VOLUME” in the SET-UP menu. By this update, this sound is controlled on “OPERATION VOL.” in the SET-UP menu, just similar to another functions.
7.The image area with high brightness might be recorded as “black-out” area, just in case of dedicated shooting condition, This unpleasant phenomenon is improved.
8.When the flash is used under macro shooting condition, light-reflected area was shown in greenish. This unpleasant phenomenon is improved.
The firmware (Ver.1.00-Ver.1.01 to Ver.1.02) update incorporates the following issues.
1.Just in the following camera procedure, aperture value was incorrectly displayed as “F2.2” even if actual value was set to “F2.0”. This phenomenon is improved.
(1) Mode dial is set to [A] or [M]
(2) Aperture is set to F2.0 (open aperture).
(3) Zoom lens position is moved from wide edge to telephoto edge, and finally to wide edge, again.
2.In the TRACKING mode, the AF hunting occurs, which you can see coming in focus and out of focus continuously in the LCD monitor. This occurs in the two cases below.
(1) Turn on the camera to select “TRACKING” in AF mode(shooting menu) and change to shooting mode by half-pressing the shutter button.
(If changing to shooting mode by pressing “DISP/BACK” button, this cannot occur.)
(2) Turn off and on the camera while “TRACKING” mode.
(If turning on and off after changing to EXR mode, this cannot occur.)