Fujifilm launch the 8x optical zoom JZ100 and JZ200, stylish Z110 and Z1000EXR and HD video shooting JX550 and JX500

A whole host of new budget models have been launched by Fujifilm, ranging from the stylish Fujifilm Z1000EXR to the feature-packed Fujfilm JZ200. For those with a limited amount of cash to spend or are after something simple, this collection of compacts looks set to be more than just a budget bunch. 

The Z1000 EXR is the obvious standout, having such key features as a 16MP EXR sensor, 5x optical zoom, and 3.5inch touchscreen control. It’s in the wireless transfer, which can send images to a smartphone or tablet, where the Z1000 could really excel. This will allow the images to go from camera to internet rapidly, using the likes of an iPad or iPhone as an intermediary.

The Z110 is missing the EXR technology, has a smaller LCD, 14MP sensor and doesn’t have the wifi feature, but is otherwise quite similar. Much like the Z1000 EXR the Z110 also offers a mirror for self framing, a helpful extra for any photographers wanting to be a part of a group shot. 

The JX550 and JX500 offer 16 and 14MP sensors, with a 5x optical zoom and 2.7inch screen appearing on both. A HD video mode also appears, which is ommited from the JZ200 and JZ100. Instead the pair have 8x optical zooms, and once more offer a 16 and 14MP sensor respectively. 

For more information, head to the Fuji website.