Fujifilm Finepix S4500, S4200, SL300 and SL240 offer huge optical magnification in smaller frames

To supplement the collection of Fujifilm cameras recently released four bridge models have also debuted, offering 30x/24x optical magnification and large LCD screens. The differences between the cameras lie in the layout, with the S series being shaped more like standard superzoom models, and the SL pair somewhere akin to DSLRs.

The S4500 and S4200 are seperated by a 30x and 24x optical zoom lens respectively, as both offer a 24mm wide angle lens and EVF as well as the same 14MP sensor. Both models also run on AA batteries, and have a 720p HD movie mode, with manual controls also present. The lower screen resolution of 230k presents a major difference between the S and SL range, in spite of the screen sizes being the same at 3inches.

The SL300 and SL240 are also seperated by a 30x and 24x optical zoom, but have a shape able to support a secondary zoom control. The EVF viewfinder is present, as are the manual modes, HD movie capture and 3inch screen with improved 460k resolution. A lithium ion battery provides the power, and a hotshoe allows for an extra flash to be attached.

For more pn all four cameras head to Fuji’s site.