First model with Fujifilm’s new EXR sensor technology promises an ‘Extreme Revolution’

Fujifilm has announced the impending release of its new F200EXR compact camera – the first to features its new Super CCD EXR switchable sensor technology.

The model features a 12MP 1/1.6in Super CCD EXR sensor – first announced at Photokina 2008 – which can be switched between three different capture modes best suited to three common challenges to photographers.

The first of those modes is labelled ‘high resolution’, in which at twelve million pixels are used to capture fine detail, whereby with the second ‘high sensitivity and low noise’ mode ‘caps’ two adjacent pixels to produce six million large photo diodes, thus combating a common cause of high-iso image noise.

The third of these sensor modes is labelled ‘wide dynamic range’ mode, and sees the sensor capture two different exposures of six million pixels and then combine the pair to ensure detail is maintained in both shadows and highlights.

It’s not all about the sensor however with the F200EXR, with the compact boasting five patented Fujifilm film modes, Face Detection 3.0 and Fujifilm’s ‘Super intelligent flash’ mode.

The Fujifilm Finepix F200EXR will be available towards the end of February, and for a price stay tuned to the Fujifilm website.

For a further explanation of the new EXR sensor technology, check out WDC Editor Nigel Atherton’s interview with Fujifilm Director Adrian Clarke at Photokina 2008