Support for seven new cameras added

DxO Labs has announced the latest version of its new DxO Optics Pro, version 5.3.4.

The latest update adds support for seven previously unsupported models – the Fuji S100FS, Pentax K-m, Pentax K200D, Sony A200 and Sony A300, as well as the new Nikon D5000 and Canon EOS 500D.

As well as support for these new cameras, DxO Optics Pro v5.3.4 features 155 new DxO Optics Correction Modules, which themselves support more than 1,400 body and lens combinations.

In a first for DxO Labs, the release of DxO Optics Pro v5.3.4 is accompanied by the release of DxOMark Sensor rankings for both the Canon EOS 500D and Nikon D5000.

All customers who have purchased DxO Optics Pro 5.3.4 since 1st August 2007 are entitled to a free upgrade from the DxO Labs website.