Delkin introduces the Jellyfish – a buoyant float for your waterproof camerarn

Delkin’s Jellyfish won the DIMA 2010 Innovative Digital Product award. The idea is simple, but perfect for those water-enthusiasts who want to take pictures in compromising conditions. The orange-coloured buoyant aid floats your camera to the water’s surface should it become detached, making finding it a whole lot easier and avoiding deep-sea excavation in some waters. It’s more than just a float though, as there’s a bottle opener enclosed for those more ‘lubricated’ surfers out there and even a waterproof case to protect other devices… though, without first testing, you’ll need to ensure tight sealing before putting precious items inside. Buoyant up to 227g, watertight to five feet deep and the watertight pack is capable of holding items totaling up to 25.4 x 12.7 x 7.6cms.