Delkin’s waterproof, rugged CompactFlash card announced at PMA 2010. And it’s the world’s current fastest CF too. rn

PMA 2010: CombatFlash is ‘rugged, fast and relentless’: A CompactFlash card with a number of beefed-out, toughened-up features – the 625X (91MB/sec write speeds, Delkin claims it is the fastest available) CombatFlash is waterproof, can survive temperatures from -50 to 100C and operates in altitudes of up to 80,000 feet. It’s the ultimate tough memory card designed to excel in situations and environments that exceed the usual standard offered by CF. Protected against extreme temperatures, water submersion (no depth data provided however), 95% humidity, rain, shock, dust, impact, fungus, vibration (15Hz – 2000Hz) and more. It’s ideal for those swapping cards and in all kinds of terrain.