Stablemate to the EX-F1 announced in the form of the EX-FH20, offering a more rounded shooting experience

Casio has launched an accompaniment to its ultra high speed EX-F1, in the shape of the more lightweight EXILIM Pro EX-FH20. The new model seems to of attempted to introduce the high-speed shooter to a more consumer market with several key changes.

For example, while the FH20 is only capable of bursts of up to 40 frame, compared to the 60 frames of the F1, it features a resolution of 9MP as opposed to 6MP, and as a result should handle standard still photography more capably.

The FH20 also features a 20x optical zoom, and has stuck with the wide feature-set that made the F1 turn heads on launch. The FH20 continuously records at up to 40fps, meaning that even if you are a touch late in pressing the shutter, you?ll still stand a chance in capturing the action you required. The FH20 also features Casio?s high-speed movie recording mode, allowing capture at up to 800fps.

The EX-FH20 is on shelves now, with an estimate retail price of £499.99.