EX-FC160s offers on screen guidelines for perfecting golf swings

A new compact from Casio, so far only set to be released in Japan, has the ability to aid a golf players by using an on-screen display. The EX-FC160s can place a number of lines on screen, aiding either positioning or swing.

In conjunction with the up to 1000fps lower-res rapid burst rate can be utilised to ensure the full motion of the swing is captured. Thanks to the 10MP sensor the shots produced when off of the high-speed burst rate should be of decent quality, and there’s a 5x optical zoom for added versatility from distance.

The likes of a HD movie mode makes the FC160s more than just a camera worthy for golf players, as does the up to 3200 ISO range. The EX-FC160s will be on the shelves in Japan by the end of August. For more information go to the translated Japanese page.