New Finepix Real 3D W3 offers improved three dimensional performance

Fujifilm has released a new addition to their 3D range in the form of the W3, which supercedes the W1 model launched last year. The dual lens and CMOS sensor system makes the W3 capable of shooting full 3D images, as opposed to the recently announced Panasonic system that utilizes a mirrored lens and single sensor.

New Fuji 3D compact released

Not only is the W3 capable of still image shooting, but can also shoot 720p HD video in three dimensions. The results can then be played back through a compatible 3D TV, or played back via the rear LCD. Both lenses also have a 3x zoom, and are capable of working independently in 2D mode.

New Fuji 3D compact released

The aesthetics of the camera have been improved, as well as the handling, with a less bulky body and a button layout closer to that of a normal compact camera. The 3.5″ LCD at the rear also doesn’t require 3D glasses to use, making it far more versatile when out shooting.

New Fuji 3D compact released

After handling the camera at an exclusive event we can reveal that it’s far more user-friendly than the previous version, being almost identical to a normal Finepix model in operation. The body is sleeker and feels sturdier than the W1, and the likes of the zoom and menu controls are in more logical positions.

Image quality looked extremely impressive, and certainly capable of coping with a busy background or foreground. When used in the recommended manner the images produced certainly offered an impressive representation of the 3D format, especially on a 3D TV. There will soon be far more availability on the 3D printing front as Fujifilm look set to offer increased UK services.

Click here for our exclusive video of the Fuji launch event.