New consumer and pro tablets offer impressive functionality

Two new graphics tablets have been launched by Trust, offering both consumers and professionals the ability to accurately edit and sketch over images. The Flex Design tablet can be rolled up and stored with a laptop for mobile usage, where the Canvas Widescreen Tablet is more dedicated to in-depth usage on a high-end editing program.

The Flex Design certainly makes all the right noises to be a top draw mobile tablet, as it can be easily rolled up and runs off of a AAA battery. At only £24.99 it’s cheap enough for a child or image editor on a budget to use.

The Canvas Widescreen is larger at 250 x 150mm which is USB powered, and offers some impressive levels of sensitivity for increased accuracy. The multiple buttons allow for customisation, so shortcuts can be added for frequently used functions. At £149.99 the Canvas Widescreen is an impressive alternative for professioanl users. 

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