Canon has upgraded its Digital IXUS i zoom to bring consumers the Digital IXUS i7 in time for Christmas.

Canon has upgraded its Digital IXUS i zoom to bring consumers the Digital IXUS i7 in time for Christmas.
Available in four new colours, the 7.1 cmaera incorporates a 2.4x optical zoom and Canon?s new DIGIC III processor. This processor prmises a more rapid performance and improved image rendering, in addition to reducing noise at speeds of up to ISO 1600. The processor also brings Canon’s Face Detection AF/AE system to the IXUS i7 zoom. This new technology automatically detects the faces of up to nine subjects within a frame and tailors focus and exposure to optimize the result.

The Digital IXUS i7 zoom features:
Slim design in four new colours
7.1 Megapixels and 2.4x optical zoom
DIGIC III with Noise Reduction Technology and Face Detection AF/AE
Extra telephoto reach with Safety Zoom
17 shooting modes, including movies
ISO 1600
My Colours photo effects
Camera Station with Wireless Controller for charging, direct printing and PC connection
Vertical shutter release for portrait orientation shooting

The i7 zoom measures just 96.1 x 45.1 x 23.9mm and is built within an all-metal body coloured denim blue, steel grey, sepia or sizzling Pink. Canon?s new Safety Zoom has been included to give users a feature that offers greater telephoto reach. By using Safety Zoom, the photographer can expand the possible zoom magnification when shooting smaller size images.
In situations where there is strong backlighting, Face Detection AF/AE claims to automatically use fill-in flash to correctly expose human subjects while maintaining a correct exposure for the background. The camera automatically recognises and reverts back to the 9-point AiAF system when the intended focus of attention is not a face.
Boasting 17 different shooting modes ? including Special Scene modes and movie modes ? the camera gives the user a wide variety of creative options. A new Aquarium scene mode optimises colours and controls the flash and ISO when photographing underwater life in glass tanks.
Image management is made easier by My Category, an addition that automatically assigns each photo with a category ? People, Scenery or Event ? depending on the shooting mode used and whether Face Detection was activated. These customisable categories are also recognised by Canon?s software package, ZoomBrowser EX, which is included for PC-based image management.
One-touch direct printing and uploading is made possible with the camera?s Print/Share button, which also acts as a vertical shutter release to make portrait shooting easier. Canon?s Intelligent Orientation Sensor automatically rotates any vertically shot images or movies (VGA at 30fps and QVGA up to 60fps) to the correct orientation for LCD, TV or PC playback.
The IXUS i7 zoom will be available from October priced £249. Find out more at