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Race Day Competitions 

Olympus Photography Competition
Brighton Marathon is very pleased to announce Olympus as the sponsor of our competition for the best race day photos.

Whether you are a budding sports photographer or just manage to capture a really good shot on the day, we’d like to see the results. We have the following prize categories:

1. Open Competition – Best overall photograph of the Brighton Marathon 
2. Mobile Phone Competition – Best photograph taken by a mobile phone
3. Under 16 Competition – Best photograph taken by an Under 16 (on race day) 
How it works:
·        Competition publicised through our media partners, our website, and through mass emails to our runners.
·        Each entrant to submit a maximum of 5 photographs to by 5pm on Friday 30th April.
·        Judges to be: A representative from Olympus, Gary Edwards from The Icon Design Partnership and Tim Hutchings, Race Director.
·        Guidelines for judging – photos to encapsulate any and all from the following elements: Sport, Fun, Elation, Crowds,
·        Determination, Athleticism, Brighton & Hove, Exhaustion, Blood-Sweat-and-Tears, Family.
·        “What Digital Camera” have agreed to cover the race (via the competition) – top shots in the magazine. 
·        Prizes: an Olympus Camera for each of the three categories.

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