Two major new photography competitions for budding photographers with up to a £10,000
prize have been announced. The Weather Photographer of the Year and The Chartered Industry of Building competitions are on the outlook for amateurs to submit thier work. 

The Lloyds TSB sponsored Weather Photographer of the year competition is open now, with a weekly winner getting £100 and the overall winner, awarded by a panel featuring Mark Hunoage and Roger Coulam, will earn £10,000.

The CIOB ‘The Art Of Building’, which is open to pro’s and amateurs, is looking for photographers to capture construction in an imaginative and interesting way. The competition is open to
anyone over the age of 18 and is free to enter. A panel of judges including
Michael Brown of the CIOB, Elaine Knutt, editor of Construction Manager and
award-winning photographer Matt Wain, with a top prize of £500 on offer.  

For more information on the Weather Photographers Competition go to and for more on CIOB ‘The Art Of Building’ go to 

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