Underwater casing specialists Aquapac offer u00a3250 worth of gear to category winners of the Keswick Mountain Festival Photography Competition

Aquapac, makers of a number of submersible and hard-wearing casings for DSLRs and compacts, are sponsoring this year’s Keswick Mountain Festival Photography Competition. Category winners will recieve £250 worth of gear, which includes a submersible DSLR case and waterproof backpack.

Runners up will win £85 worth of gear including a padded DSLR case and waterproof map case. Entrants have until the 29th of April to send images in, and can file a JPG, PNG or TIF under the Landscape, Outdoor Action or Outdoor People categories. 

The top three photos from each category will be shown at the Adventure Base during the festival before final judging. Current entries can be seen here

For more information on the competition head to the Keswick Mountain Festival website