Adobe's latest update to its Photoshop CC subscription service includes the capacity to create, refine and prepare 3D designs for printing

In the latest update to Photoshop for Creative Cloud, Adobe has unveiled a number of intriguing new features.

Perspective Warp is a new tool that allows the user to tweak the perspective of a photo while keeping the lines straight. Adobe says it will be a useful tool for compositing two photos while keeping the lines straight. The firm released an introductory video that explains a little more:

Also in the update is Link Smart Objects, which allows for the same Smart Objects to be used in multiple projects and documents. Changes made to the Smart Object will be implemented throughout every project to which it is linked.

Adobe also announced that Photoshop CC will now support 3D printing, allowing users to build 3D models from scratch within the program and automatically correcting design meshes to print as the user intends.

[Via Adobe]