Is there a way to recover accidentally deleted images? And, as a photographer, what’s your biggest fear...?

Arachnophobia aside, photographers have always had the capacity to make schoolboy errors with dire consequences (well, to the photographer at least). Leaving the lens cap on whilst shooting, poorly exposed film, light leaks and the like are now but a distant memory for most.

However – according to recent research from iolo technologies – a photographer’s biggest fear is accidental deletion of their photographs. It could be down to formatting a card, choosing the wrong image for the virtual bin, or deleting files from a hard drive – and that’s all before so much as a whisper of file corruption.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as iolo technologies continue to develop ways to help photographers and digital users of all capacities. In some cases, such as with hard disk crashes, the data is not immediately lost and there are methods to recover files.

What’s your biggest fear as a photographer…? Model not showing up; batteries running out?; relentless rain when the forecast said sparkling sun? Let us know!