The new Panasonic HDC-SDT750 camcorder offers high definition 3D shooting via a lens attachment, allowing for the results to be viewed back on a compatible television. The 3MOS camcorder has 3x 3MP sensors, allowing for a maximum of a 14MP outputted still photo. There’s also a 12x optical zoom to make use, and optical image stabilization.

With the recent announcement of Panasonic’s 3D lens for the Micro Four Thirds it comes as no surprise that the HDC-SDT750 isn’t a fixed 3D model, instead being based around an attachment. The camcorder is a 1080p, Dolby 5.1 channel model with a 3″ LCD and optical image stabilization. There’s full manual controls over white balance, focus and iris, and SDHC/XC is utilised as the card format. The 3 CMOS chips record red, green and blue channels individually,
meaning the end product should have some impressive colour depth.     

Once the 3D lens attachment is bolted on the camcorder produces left and right images at 960×1080, which are then processed into a single three dimensional end product. The footage can then be viewed with a compatible TV and glasses.       

Although 3D has made a splash in the stills market thanks to the likes of Fuji’s 3D W1 and Sony’s 3D sweep panorama feature on the NEX and recent CyberShot models, but the HDC-SDT750 marks the first all-in-one 3D camcorder system to hit the market. 

Check for more details on the HDC-SDT750 and for an exclusive hands on soon. 


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