January 2009 Issue

On sale: Wed, 31 Dec 2008

This issue of What Digital Camera covered the following:

Nikon D60 v Canon 1000D
Two top entry-level DSLRs battle 
it out for supremacy – but who wins?

Canon G10 versus Nikon P6000
The high-end compact makret welcomes two new arrivals, but in a saturated market, which provides better for the discerning photographer?

Panasonic G1
We test the first camera in the exciting Micro Four Thirds interchangeable-lens system. Does it deliver all that it promises?

Great Technique: The Great Indoors
So the weather isn’t on your side. Who cares? It’s the perfect time to set up a home studio. And you don’t need expensive lights either – from shooting still-life to portraits, over 14 pages we show you lots of creative, practical techniques you can try at home

Indoor Portraits: John Freeman’s Home Studio 
Professional photographer, John Freeman, offers top tips on shooting great portraits in your home

Interview: Phil Sharp
We have a look at what’s in this pro portrait photographer’s bag

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