Rule of Thirds – Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules

They say that rules are made to be broken, and the rule of thirds is no exception. In the same way that observing and complying with the rule of thirds can add impact to your images, defying it in some instances can do the same. For example, why not try placing your subject in the dead centre of the frame, or indeed shoot a landscape with the horizon directly in the centre? And introducing a strong element of symmetry to your image can have the same stabilising effect on your image as the rule of thirds, thus allowing you to abandon it.

Rule of Thirds (breaking) - Vanishing point

 The symmetry in this image is provided by a vanishing point and strong lead-in lines

Rule of Thirds (breaking) - Central subject

The main subject fills the centre of the frame and also creates impact

Rule of Thirds (breaking) - Offset central horizon

Having the natural horizon central is offset by the fact that the treeline is silhouetted

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