Right: This image was shot on a farm in Australia. Captured as a stock photo to illustrate global warming, it was taken with a Nikon D2x using a 16mm fisheye.

It was actually with the esteemed editor of this very publication that Jeremy first kicked off his interest in photography. Both he and Nigel Atherton were at school together, and, rather than indulge in the complexities of maths, they found it much more fun to talk about the fascinating world of cameras and photography. This was at Frome College in Somerset. Jeremy takes up the tale.

‘I’d finished my fifth year,’ said the 43-year-old photographer from the West Country, and had stayed on to repeat some O Levels. But photography was my first love and from the first moment I picked up a camera at school, I was hooked.’

Although Jeremy was something of a natural when it came to photography, he was very aware that he would need some guidance from an expert hand if he was to reach the heights he wanted to.

‘I approached Peter Lowry, one of the UK’s top wedding and portrait photographers, and asked if I could join him as an assistant.’ Said Jeremy. ‘Unfortunately he said no, but he did say I could go and see him and learn what I could every now and again – I picked up a huge amount and it was incredibly beneficial.

‘I then went to Somerset College and from there, went to Gloucester and Cheltenham College of Art, where I studied photography. I was at the latter college for three years, and upon qualifying, then went on to assist Chris Overton in London. This was followed by intermittent freelancing before I went to assist JP Froget. JP was a massive influence on my photography career and life, and I gleaned a huge amount from my time with him. He was a London advertising photographer and did pretty much everything – it was the perfect way for me to pick up different aspects of photography.

‘After my spell with JP, I moved away to run a commercial studio for a print and design company. From one job a week, this progressed rapidly to work seven days a week within a year. Work came in with Formula 1, through Mercedes, and there was lots of shoe-related photography, aerial photography, and Avon cosmetics commissions, among many more. I was there for five years but had a real yearning to do more location work so left and started taking stock pictures for Tony Stone images. I had a lot of friends who were shooting stock shots, and thus combined my stock photography with commercial work.

‘The obvious incentive was to make money, so I basically did anything that would pay. But my main love was landscapes and that’s where I am now, and six years ago I moved back to the West Country.

‘From a business point of view, I’d been fairly self-disciplined from my early photography work but it was JP who really taught me about running your own enterprise. He was such a brilliant businessman and was quite prepared to impart his knowledge on the subject whenever he could.’

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