More than a third of homes expected to be 3D by 2014

At a media event in London today Sony announced that they expect some variety of 3D display to be in 40% of UK home by 2014. Although this projection is somewhat conservative in many respects, the technology on offer could make it a distinct possibility. New televisions are able to support the 3D technology, but don’t necessary have it installed, which means the price should drop to more manageable levels. This leads to more homes having the ability, but not necessarily the full setup, to watch 3D. For photography this may not seem hugely important at first glance, but yet another Sony product shows that there is some potential for 3D to be incorporated.
The much anticipated 3D sweep panorama firmware update for the NEX-5 is bound to raise a few queries, such as whether it will work outside of Sony products and the level of post-processing involved to create the image. Those lucky enough to own a 3D TV will be able to assess the success of the new feature for themselves in July, although whether it will revolutionize the way in which images are taken remains to be seen. With so many of the current range offering sweep panorama it wouldn’t be too far of a leap in logic to see the 3D variation in the next range of Sony compacts. In other words 3D is on it’s way whether we like it or not, and Sony at the very least are betting it will be a huge success.