Our camera graphs explained


By photographing a resolution chart of converging lines, we can test the resolving power of a camera. We mark the point where the camera can still resolve all the lines of the chart. The value given is in lp/ph (line pairs per picture height).

Dynamic range

To test the dynamic range, we photograph a backlit chart consisting of a series of semi-opaque, neutral patches. Software then reveals precise dynamic range at each ISO sensitivity, based on how many of the patches can be seen.


To study the noise produced, we set the camera’s metering to spot and photograph a grey card. Shooting the range of ISO settings reveals how noise is handled for both in-camera JPEG and raw files. Images are shown at 300dpi at 100% magnification.

Our cameras and lenses are tested using the industry standard Image Engineering IQ-Analyser software. Visit www.image-engineering.de for more details