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Richard Peters is a UK-based wildlife photographer whose interest in the natural world stems from watching countless natural history documentaries throughout his childhood. Along with this love for nature, he also nurtured a strong artistic streak.

However it took many years before Richard combined these two passions, and it only really started when he was loaned an old Nikon film camera. In the time that followed, he progressed from a manual film SLR to a semi-automatic SLR, and then took his first steps into the world of digital SLRs around 2004.

Over the next few years, he dabbled with photography in his spare time, practising, learning and adapting his creative eye. But it wasn’t until 2010 that his passion became more serious. With a background in design, and years of working in the media industry, he’s been able to hone his ability, techniques and eye for detail. This has helped him refine a style that often prioritises light over subject matter. Although he enjoys travelling to new and exotic places whenever the opportunity arises, Richard also enjoys working with the wildlife found closer to home. In recent years his efforts and approach have seen him widely published and he’s a regular contributor to some of the UK’s bestselling photographic magazines, including writing for various photographic websites, as well as his own blog.

Richard’s style and approach have seen him win awards in multiple international competitions, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the British Wildlife Photography Awards. More recently, Richard has made an effort to step out of his comfort zone. Instead of using the typical telephoto lenses, he’s now experimenting with different techniques. He’s especially interested in the use of flash and camera traps, as he’s embarked on a long-term project to document the wildlife that visits his back garden at night.

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