Two of the most popular summer subjects for photographers are combined in this guide

Title: Wildlife Travel Photography

Author: Andy Rouse

ISBN: 1740599004

Publisher: Lonely Planet

Edition: Paperback

Review: Combining two of the most popular shooting subjects of the summer season, Wildlife Travel Photography hits bookstores at the opportune time for wannabe wildlife photographers wishing to perk up their skills behind the lens. The book itself is compact to the point of pocketsize but manages to pack in a staggering amount of motivational advice, covering everything from composition to going on safari. A wide range of genuinely stunning images are scattered throughout by way of inspiration, and these are given artistic prominence without detracting from the tome’s overall purpose of coaching aspiring globe-trotting photographers.

Put together by renowned travel photographer Andy Rouse, the emphasis throughout the 170-page tome is firmly on practical, achievable goals met using the kind of affordable kit that most enthusiasts will find knocking around in their kit bag. The author’s advice is nothing if not practical, and happily manages to be entertaining enough along the way to make the book the perfect in-flight read.