Composition and design for digital photographers covering a broad range of subjects

Title: The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

Author: Michael Freeman

ISBN: 1905814046

Publisher: Ilex

Edition: Paperback

Review: Laying claim to being ‘the first book to tackle the subject of composition and design for digital photographers’, Michael Freeman’s The Photographer’s Eye covers a broad range of subject matter that’s aimed at doing exactly that. While some volumes tackling the basics of photography can be accused of dumbing down the subject matter to meet the perceived target market, The Photographer’s Eye certainly isn’t one of them. Whether it be discussing ‘Gesalt Perspective’ or ‘Itten’s Contrast’, Freeman writes with great authority and manages to successfully explain these classical concepts and actively apply them directly to the modern digital photograph. The Photographer’s Eye, in being divided into six chapters and numerous respective sub-sections, works both as a tome to be read in one sitting and as a reference point to pick up and put down as needs be. It’s a fascinating insight into the fundamentals of composition and design worthy of a place on any photographer’s bookshelf.

What Digital Camera Score: 93%