Crammed full of images and information almost to breaking point, a sure-fit hit for those who want to understand colour better

Title: Basics Photography: Capturing Colour

Author: Phil Malpas

ISBN: 294037306X

Publisher: AVA Publishing SA

Edition: Paperback

Review: Capturing Colour is one of a series of ‘Basics Photography’ books published by AVA covering the fundamental aspects of photography – ranging from Composition and Lighting to the finer point of post-production in both colour and black & white. Comprising a collection of illustrative images, insightful quotes, descriptive captions and, of course, instructive copy, ‘Capturing Colour’ is designed in a manner quite unique among instructive photography books.

The introduction spread to each section consists of a striking image on black background, complete with full technical detail, and subsequent pages are crammed full of images and information almost to breaking point, be it colour wheels, temperature scales or filtration tables. If you feel like you need to understand colour better, or just fancy polishing up on your knowledge of primary, secondary and tertiary colours, then Capturing Colours is a sure-fire hit.

What Digital Camers Score: 91%