Review of the Swordfish Trimmer

Manufacturer: Swordfish
Model: Trimmer
Price: £20

If you’re fed up of battling with a pair of scissors or a ruler and craft knife when trimming your prints, then Swordfish has a cost-effective option for you.

Its trimmers – ranging from sizes A5 through to A2 – are designed for the home user and are considerably cheaper than units from makers such as Rotatrim. They don’t have the solid base board of other units, instead using a flexible cutting mat and rule design, but they still sit securely on a solid surface such as a desk or table.

The trimmers also come with a set of four cutters for straight edges, serrated or wavy edges and a paper creaser.

The unit is easy enough to use. It takes about five minutes to assemble and each individual cutting unit’s blade is recessed in the cutting head. In addition, the blade is only operated when the head is pushed downwards, saving any small fingers potentially being severed.

The cutting units attach to a good steel rule so you can get accurate, clean trims;, while the base mat is gridded for accurate positioning and ensuring that you can achieve precise right angles.

The Swordfish doesn’t have the build quality of other more expensive trimmers, but then it also doesn’t have the price tag. For home users and scrapbook makers, this product is a nice, simple, portable and safe solution to accurate paper trimming.

OK so they’re not the sturdiest cutters on the market but they’re good for the price

The price

The build quality

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