Review of the Lowepro Rolling CompuTrekker AW

Manufacturer: Lowepro
Model: Rolling CompuTrekker AW
Price: £249

You can’t move in airports now for people wheeling suitcases, flight bags, even briefcases around. There’s no doubt, though, that camera gear can get heavy, especially if you add in a laptop.

Lowepro has come to the rescue of twisted vertebrae with its Rolling CompuTrekker. The bag is essentially a backpack, with space for a comprehensive camera system comprising a couple of bodies, a clutch of lenses and a flash gun or two. There’s also a front pocket for a laptop, including a take-out laptop sleeve and shoulder strap. Plus there’s the usual array of pockets for memory cards, filters and so on, and even an orange coloured pouch for cable management – orange being Lowepro’s colour code for ‘digital’.

The bag has plenty of padding for the back as well as nice, wide shoulder straps. There’s bungee chords for holding tripods or monopods and a top grab handle.

There’s also a pair of wheels and a long, retractable handle enabling the bag to be easily wheeled around town or airport. Unfortunately, this also makes the bag heavy when carrying, so ironically the inclusion of the wheels make the wheels a necessity!

It’s well made and handy, but more useful for transporting gear rather than using on a mountain side

Tough, roomy and perfect for the urban photographer

This is a bag strictly for places you have terrain flat enough for using its wheels

What Digital Camera Score: 84%