Comprehensive guide from a renowned photographer covers everything from props to make-up

Title: Portraits

Author: John Freeman

ISBN: 1843401754

Publisher: Collins & Brown

Edition: Paperback

Review: This is the second title in an exciting 12-book series, focussing on both film and digital photography, by renowned photographer, John Freeman. These inspiring practical guides explore every area of photography from composition and light to travel and photographing nudes. They include invaluable digital manipulation techniques to help you get the most out of your images. Each book is illustrated with John Freeman’s stunning images from all over the world along with helpful diagrams and screen grabs.

This book contains everything you need to know to capture expressive and unique portraits. How to make your subject feel comfortable in a wide range of poses, and how to photograph in a wide range of conditions: indoors and out, with tungsten, halogen or natural light, with normal, wide-angle or telephoto lenses. It looks at the difference that working in colour or black and white makes to your images and finding the right background or prop. Each subject is considered in turn, from babies and children to groups, both formal and informal, to candid shots and close-ups. There’s advice on using make-up and studio light, low-key and high-key lighting and special effects.