Review of the Manfrotto Modo Pocket

Manufacturer: Manfrotto
Model: Modo Pocket
Price: £25

The Modo Pocket may well be the world’s smallest camera support. Designed for compact cameras, it’s basically a three-section metal hinge, about the size of two compact flash cards laid end to end. When not in use it folds flat and can be slipped into a back trouser pocket. Then, when you need to use it, simply open it out, screw it into your camera’s tripod bush and place it on a convenient flat surface. It isn’t strong enough for DSLRs or the bigger bridge cameras, and obviously you don’t get the versatility of a tripod (it’s only an inch or so high and you can’t make it any higher), but you can adjust the angles of the sides to raise or lower the camera’s field of view – perfectly adequate for self-timer shots and the like.

Our Verdict:
The Modo Pocket is a great idea that works
like a charm. If you’re looking for a compact camera support that truly
fits in your pocket then your search may be over. I say maybe because
at £25 it’s a bit pricey, especially when the average selling price of
the compact cameras themselves is little over £100 these days.

Small, sturdy

A little pricey

What Digital Camera Score: 85%