Review of the Lexar Professional UDMA FireWire 800 Reader

Manufacturer: Lexar
Model: Professional UDMA FireWire 800 Reader
Price: £40

This reader is compatible with all CompactFlash media (Type I and Type II), Microdrives, the UDMA-enabled CompactFlash cards, and has been designed to deliver increased download speeds from the card to a computer – an asset all photographers want.

Like its predecessor, the Professional UDMA FireWire 800 Reader has a unique stackable design and allows for the concurrent download of images stored on multiple cards when up to four readers are daisy-chained together. Do note, however, as with any pieces of equipment that you link up to run at the same time, you’re not always going to get downloads that are as fast as it is when they’re running on its own.

We were impressed by this card reader, and the downloads were fast. In a photography world where valuable use of time is essential, a card reader that gives you more time is certainly worth investigating further.

Saves you time by increasing your download speeds from camera to computer so has got to be worth investigating

Fast downloads

Not compatible with old FireWire ports

What Digital Camera Score: 86%