Discover the photographic influences behind some of Bacon’s most appealing works

Title: In Camera – Francis Bacon: Photography, Film and the Practice of Painting

Author: Martin Harrison

ISBN: 0500286248

Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd

Edition: Paperback

Review: Francis Bacon famously took inspiration from photographs, film-stills and mass media imagery, and In Camera seeks to celebrate how such influences informed some of Bacon’s most appealing works. In Camera features over 250 large-format pages displaying 270 illustrations, including source images and documents, as well as high-quality prints of the artist’s work. But far from being a coffee table book, In Camera places as much emphasis on the words within as the pictures, providing a fascinating and at times complex insight into Bacon’s life, loves and influences. Aimed at true art lovers, the book will appeal to those who wish to study the forces behind creative works or are interested in the life of the artist. Despite proving a little heavy going at times, In Camera manages to provide a superb insight into the photographic influences of a truly great artist.