Review of the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

Manufacturer: Hahnemuhle
Model: Photo Rag
Price: Per Pack: £47.99

Hahnemuhle and St.Cuthbert’s Mills have both been battling for the fine art paper honours for ages. Hahnemuhle was one of the first to develop a coated fine art paper especially for photo printers, namely this one, Photo Rag, a heavier than average moderately warm smooth matte paper. It performed very well in our tests and is easily recommendable, especially as it is quite competitively priced these days. Examination of the colour gamut test result for Hahnemuhle Photo Rag shows that it keeps up well with its newer rivals. At 308gsm, this version of the paper is heavy, with a reasonable resistance to flexing and must be printed through a forgiving, preferably straight, paper path in your print rather than a standard cut sheet feed. Compared to Permajet ImageLife Alpha paper, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag is slightly more textured and is a less creamy white, making it more of an all-round paper.

Number Of Sheets In Pack: 50
Cost Per Sheet: £0.96
Weight (gsm): 308
Surface Coat Type: Matte
Base White: Moderately warm

Good quality, all-round heavier than average fine art photographic paper.

Good colour performance, keenly priced

Prefers a straight printer path

What Digital Camera Score: 91%