Review of the Epson Velvet Fine Art

Manufacturer: Epson
Model: Velvet Fine Art
Price: Per Pack: £55.58 A3+

A3+ is the smallest size that Epson supplies its own-brand mildly textured velvet matte fine art paper in, and it’s quite expensive. Epson printers include a profile for this paper in the driver, but you will probably be better off getting the printer profiled for the paper anyway.

We had thought Epson’s velvet paper was made by St. Cuthbert’s Mills, of Somerset Velvet fame, but the box says made in Japan. The Epson velvet is a less tight texture than the Somerset version, being between a smooth matte and a typical textured matte.

Overall, Epson Velvet Fine Art has the edge over the original Somerset Velvet, through its superior black density, grey neutrality and better contrast. However, there are other similar papers from, for example, Hahnemühle, da Vinci, Fotospeed and PermaJet that are probably just as good, but for a lower price. If you can find this paper at the right price, it can be solidly recommended.

Number Of Sheets In Pack: 20
Cost Per Sheet: £2.78
Weight (gsm): 260
Surface Coat Type: Matte
Base White: Moderately warm

Top peforming paper that comes at a price – be sure to shop around.

Class leading black density, grey neutrality and contrast

More expensive than its close competitors

What Digital Camera Score: 87%