Review of the DigiPod C2840

Manufacturer: DigiPod
Model: C2840
Price: £179.95

Carbon fibre tripods are great for location photography, but typically come with a prohibitive price tag. The new DigiPod range is different in that both quality and cost-effectiveness are brought together in one package.

The C2840 sits towards the top of the new tripod range in terms of size, with a 28mm diameter top tube, but it’s still compact, with four leg sections enabling it to collapse to a mere 55cm when folded. At its maximum extension you can reach 168cm (with head), where the C2840 will happily hold a DSLR and long telephoto zoom lens securely. Alternatively, you can replace the 33cm centre-column with a shorter, 10cm column (supplied) to drop to near ground level.

However, it’s the neat touches you’d expect from a more expensive tripod that make the difference, such as robust, metal leg-angle adjusters at the top and chunky rubberised leg-locks down below. You also get a solid, quick-release ball-and-socket head with both the head and legs containing a built-in spirit level to keep your horizons straight.

Add a handy carrying strap for when you’re on location, a carry-bag when you’re travelling closer to home, plus a tool kit to tighten anything that works itself loose and this really is a complete package – there’s simply nothing else you need to buy.

This is definitely worth investigating if a carbon fibre tripod is on your photographic shopping list.

Model: C2840
Material: Carbon Fibre
Max height: 168cm (with column extended / head)
Min height: 30cm (with short column / head)
Folded length: 55.4cm
Max load: 8kg
Leg Sections: 4
Weight: 1.64kg
Bubble level: Yes
Head: Yes (Quick release)
Other: Comes with strap / bag / tools / short column

Carbon fibre at an affordable price, neat finishing touches, solid ball-and-socket head

Not a lot of change from £200

What Digital Camera Score: 87%