Review of the Delkin Archival Gold DVDs and CDs

Manufacturer: Delkin
Model: Archival Gold
Price: Around £22

There’s been much talk recently of the archival life of CDs and DVDs, as well as the ever changing technology of optical discs in general.

One point is the accessibility of the media as formats change, well nothing is future proof and we can’t guarantee that future PCs will accept CDs and DVDs.

The other worry is that the dyes in the disc coating break down and make the discs unreadable.

We now know from our musical usage that CDs are scratchable and can be damaged, despite the launch claims in the 80s (marmalade anyone?).

Delkin claims to have overcome this by incorporating Gold into the dyes and claiming a lifespan of 100 years for DVD and 300 years for CD. The new discs also incorporate ‘Scratch Armor’ to protect the delicate underside of the disc. We ‘mishandled’ our review discs and they still seem ok, so we can verify that – although a compass point gouged across the disc caused problems.

As for the longevity, we’re happy to take their word for it and sleep slightly easier at night, but come back in 2306 for the conclusive report.

Seem to be pretty much tough but only time will tell

Lifespan of 100 years for DVD and 300 years for CD


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