Review of the Datacolor Spider 2 Express software

Manufacturer: Datacolor
Model: Spider 2 express
Price: £52

The Datatcolor Spyder 2 Express was once the industry standard device although more recent colorimeters have now usurped it. But that’s not to say it’s no good – the Colourvision software is easy to follow using the detailed wizard and the system is reasonably quick to implement at around four minutes.

The Spyder is suited to LCD and CRTY screens, with a baffle for LCD, which removes to reveal a sucker for CRT. As a result LCDs require the device to be hung loosely over the monitor frame, which isn’t too secure, despite a positioning weight attached to the cable.

During use the software caused the screen to flicker somewhat, which is annoying but hardly life threatening.

The calibration is good, with nice neutral grey and accurate colour patches, making this a simple and effective solution.

Calibration was good but you may be better going for version three

Simple , good price, decent results

Less accurate than version 3

What Digital Camera Score: 86%