Review of the Crumpler Pretty Boy Maxi 4000 digital camera bag

Manufacturer: Crumpler
Model: Pretty Boy Maxi 4000
Price: £40

We recently reviewed Crumpler’s Matchmaker bag, which is capable of carrying a small camerashop worth of gear. Now it’s the turn of its Pretty Boy Maxi range, whose 4000 series bag can comfortably fit one DSLR body plus three small lenses (or, alternatively, two lenses and a flashgun).

Aside from the main compartment, a roomy front pocket is perfectly sized for carrying an instruction manual, while a mesh-lined side allows ample space for memory cards. The bag is slightly ‘boxy’ in its design, but its Velcro pads and plastic clasp secure what’s inside.

It’d be even more secure with a string-drawn closure around the top of the main compartment though, as it’s easy to slip a hand through the side of the top should the Velcro pads unstick themselves. Our sample only came with a single divider too, which gives less protection should you be carrying a number of items.

It’s overall construction is strong and its price is reasonable and, as we expect from Crumpler, it’s one striking-looking bag

Design, construction

Could be more secure

What Digital Camera Score: 84%