Review of the Crumpler MatchMaker

Manufacturer: Crumpler
Model: MatchMaker
Price: £110

Crumpler seems to have an unconventional solution for everything. Whether it’s a laptop, a DSLR, a compact, or as the case is here, a pro’s arsenal of bodies and lenses, one of its distinctive, super-strong bags always seems to fit the bill.

The Match Maker sits at the bottom end of a trio of ‘full photo’ bags, and is fashioned from industrial-strength Chicken Tex Supreme material, with a waterproof lining.

The bag can hold one DSLR+lens combination and a further six lenses, also squeezing in a removable, padded laptop compartment. Extra security is provided with the zips opening from the rear, while two wing pockets and a third frontal compartment allow storage of media cards and other small items.

While fairly expensive, it’s well made and
built to last. As with previous offerings, though, it isn’t the most
accessible, as its wing pockets have narrow openings. Still, for the
pro it’s capable and useful, and offers a stylish alternative to its
more utilitarian counterparts.

Strong, well padded, secure

Can be hard to access, a little expensive

What Digital Camera Score: 87%