Our book review of Concepts of Nature: A Wildlife Photographer's Journey in Hardback by Andy Rouse and published by Argentum

Title: Concepts of Nature: A Wildlife Photographer’s Journey

Author: Andy Rouse

ISBN: 1902538528

Publisher: Argentum

Edition: Hardback

RRP: £25.00

Dimensions: 160 pages, 28 x 24.6 x 2.4 cm

Andy Rouse is one of Britain’s most successful wildlife photographers and, as a regular speaker at photo shows and a presenter of his own TV series, one of the most well known. With over a dozen books to his credit Rouse is also a prolific author, but Concepts of Nature is his most personal yet. Most portfolio books provide little information about how the pictures were made, leaving us with a sense of unsatisfied curiosity. But here, Andy recounts the stories behind his favourite images, which range from early classics to newer material, and in doing so, reflects on his personal development from rookie to seasoned pro. His stories go way beyond the camera and exposure info (though that’s there too) – he describes the circumstances surrounding each picture: how he came to be there, his thought processes at the time, the techniques used and lessons learned along the way. The result is an honest and inspirational insight into the mind of a top photographer. Some of his anecdotes are funny, some scary, some moving – such as when he describes how he wept after watching (and photographing) a helpless penguin chick being killed and eaten by Caracaras (left). But they’re always informative and entertaining. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer yourself or just enjoy great pictures you’ll find this a welcome addition to your collection.

 What Digital Camera Rating: 92%