Review of the Colour Confidence Studio XR colour management system

Manufacturer: Colour Confidence
Model: Studio XR
Price: £116

The Colour Confidence Studio XR bundle offers a near-complete colour-management system, with an X-rite Monaco OPTIX colorimeter and Monaco XR monitor-profiling software.

The colorimeter is placed on the screen, either CRT or LCD, and the software runs a set of colour patches for it to measure.

It then builds a colour profile so your monitor displays colours accurately. Those colours must then be matched on a print.

The Studio XR kit includes the Kodak Colour Management Check Up Kit. A set of control prints and a CD with the same images can be used to check the monitor, prints and scans. You can then tweak either Photoshop or your printer drivers.

This is a solid system that’s cheaper than buying the components separately.

All in one colour management system

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