Review of the Lastolite TriFlip

Manufacturer: Lastolite
Model: TriFlip
Price: £85

If you’re keen on portrait photography, then a reflector is a tool you really should have in your arsenal, and the TriFlip is really the Swiss Army Knife of reflectors. The kit is in three pieces, a basic collapsible frame with a white reflector diffuser, and two reversible slip-on covers offering a choice of reflectance. One has a black and white side, for creating fill or shadow, with black and full gold if you turn it inside out. The other is silver and white which reverses into a silver/ gold mix when turned inside out. That gives you a choice of nine different options, which isn’t bad when you think about the cost of individual reflectors. Furthermore they all fold up neatly into a 14-inch bag.

Like other Tri series products, the TriFlip has a built in handle making it easier for the solo photographer to position the reflector near the subject.

For keen portraitists, this is a really useful and versatile reflector, that offers a massive amount of lighting options for a reasonable price.

Our Verdict:
Incredibly versatile reflector

What Digital Camera Score: 90%