Review of the Aver Systems Solar Rucksack and Solar Charger

Manufacturer: Aver
Model: Systems
Price: MF3010 Solar Rucksack RRP: £64.40
MF1818 Solar Charger RRP: £33.15

Keeping your camera powered and battery charged is tricky when you’re out and about.

This is where Aver Systems’s MF1818 Solar Charger and MF3010 Solar Rucksack could be handy.

The rugged backpack has removable solar panels that plug into a battery pack taking four rechargeable AA cells. The pack provides a 3.6v or 6v output (with a 2000mAh capacity) and as you wander in the sun the solar panels charge the batteries, which can be transferred directly to your camera. You can also charge it up via an AC lead.

In fact, Aver Systems has a trio of portable solar panel chargers, including the MF1818. This operates as a remote power pack: you can run your camera or charge its batteries using one of the supplied AC adaptors.

The power packs can also be charged using a car’s cigarette lighter socket or a mains supply. However, you have to pay attention to the voltage requirements of your camera. The bag and charger both brought an Olympus mju 300 to life, despite it having languished in the WDC stockroom for a year.

This is a really nifty tool as running out of juice on location is something we’ve all dealt with so thumbs up to Aver for its innovation

Green points for using a renewable energy source

There aren’t any

What Digital Camera Score: MF1818 Solar Charger 82%
MF3010 Solar Rucksack 84%