Review of the Archos Archos 605 and 705 WiFi storage devices

Manufacturer: Archos
Model: 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi
Price: £190/£350

Storage capacity is becoming more and more of an issue, with the size of image files from higher-resolution cameras growing exponentially. However, portable storage devices are evolving at the same rate, with Archos leading the way.

While the primary function of the 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi may not be as a portable storage device (see JOBO Giga One et al.), the pair more than meet that need.

First up is the 605 WiFi. Available in capacities of 4GB (offering an SD card slot), 30GB, 80GB and 160GB, the 605 offers full WiFi functionality thanks to its Opera browser. However, this, like many other plug-ins needed to access certain features, means making a shopping trip to the Archos website.

The 605’s 4.3 inch, 800×480 pixel touch-screen displays strikingly clear and vivid images, alongside impressive movie playback. To use the 605 for storage in the field, another extra purchase is necessary – in this instance a docking station at around £40.

Another option in the Generation 5 range from which the 605 WiFi hails is the larger 705 WiFi. With a 7 inch touch-screen, the 705’s size does test the ‘portable’ part of the ‘portable storage’ moniker, yet the added screen-size is a worthy luxury.

Much of the specification is the same as its smaller sibling – varying capacities and price-points are offered (80GB and 160GB). It comes complete with integrated WiFi Internet access and is operated via touchscreen technology. It differs insofar as images can be stored directly from the camera without the need for a separate docking station thanks to bundled USB cables.

While both devices are rather on the pricey side of affordable, and the need to purchase plug-ins to make use of the full feature-set is a touch disappointing, these two ‘Generation 5’ Archos portable media players offer an exciting storage solution combined with full multimedia player functionality and may well be just what you’re looking for.

An exciting storage solution combined with full multimedia player functionality

WiFi functionality, large capacity, stylish design

Lack of direct storage ability (605), necessary to purchase plug-ins to access certain features

What Digital Camera Score: Archos 605 86% / Archos 705 87%