Photoshop Touch is a stripped-down version of the market-leading Photoshop for tablets.

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Photoshop touch

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Photoshop Touch features a number of core features from Photoshop, allowing you to edit and adjust images on the move, which can then be synced with Adobe’s Creative Cloud and then opened in Photoshop later.

Once you’ve opened an image that’s either been stored on your tablet or retrieved from Google or Facebook, you can edit your images.

If you’re used to editing with Photoshop, then many of the tools at your disposal will be familiar to you. These include a Tool panel 
with the Marquee Selection, Lasso, Paint, Clone, Eraser and Blur tools. There’s also a host of adjustments, including Levels, Curves, Black & White, Shadows/Highlights and Colour Balance.

Like a lot of photo-orientated apps, there is a host of effects that can be applied to the image that include Gaussian Blur, Multi Gradient Map, Posterize Color and Old Photocopy.

Images can be cropped, text can be applied and warped as well, while there’s also the ability to work with Layers.

Controls are via sliders, and the finger movements required give you a good level of control, so overall it’s really quite intuitive to use.

It’s not a substitute for the full version of Photoshop, but if you’ve got a tablet and want to adjust your images with a similar workflow to Photoshop on the move, then this is a great app. For ipad 2 and android.