Vincent Oliver examines a suite of handy Photoshop Plug-ins that saves hundreds of pounds over buying them individually......

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OnOne Plug-in Suite 4

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Plug-ins are mini applications which are accessed directly through the Filters menu, so you don’t have to quit the main application to run them.

Photoshop plug-ins allow you either to do something that you cannot do with the features included in Photoshop, or they allow you to do something easier, faster, or better than you could do without the plug-in. OnOne Plug-in Suite 4 includes six separate applications to help you to become productive. I must make clear that you can accomplish most of the tasks that these filters perform from within Photoshop – if you know how, and have plenty of time to tweak images. What this suite does is perform these tasks better or faster than you probably could yourself.

There’s something for everyone in onOne Plug-in Suite 4. Each plug-in was easy to use without having to wade through a PDF manual. Each plug-in has its own videos demonstrating how to use the plug-in, as well as a PDF user guide (these can be found under the Help menu). If you were to buy each individual component separately then the collection would cost you £830. The OnOne Plug-in Suite 4 with the six modules is a steal at £319.99. OnOne Plug-in Suite 4 is compatible with Photoshop CS2 and CS3. Essentials for Photoshop Elements (v4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 PC and Mac) consists of four cut-down products. The MaskPro function is virtually the same as the Photoshop product. Genuine Fractals will enlarge up to 400%, the PhotoFrame component consists of 400 Frames and the ColorTune correction does not include SkinTune. At £34.95 Essentials should be an essential purchase for Photoshop Elements users.

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  2. 2. MaskPro 4
  3. 3. Phototools 1.0
  4. 4. Genuine Fractals 5
  5. 5. FocalPoint
  6. 6. PhotoTune
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