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Two colour-correction filters in one

PhotoTune has two modules. ColorTune starts with a simple simple side-by-side preview interface. Just click on the version you like and ColorTune moves on to the next pair. There is a basic adjustments slider which offers Less or More, and a Fine Tune panel where you can tweak the adjustments. But sometimes I didn?t like either version, and the slider didn?t offer a better solution. ColorTune is, for me, the weakest plugin in this suite. SkinTune 2 on the other hand is an odd filter, yet it performed brilliantly. I managed to achieve some excellent skin tones on images which I?d previously given up on. Click on a skin tone in the preview window and choose a skin type: African, Asian, Caucasian, Latin, Middle Eastern or All. The right- hand preview shows an estimated corrected skin colour. You can further adjust this by selecting another skin tone fine-tuning the sliders. On the negative side, the corrections are applied to the entire image. In my sample image I have a neutral grey pavement which now clearly highlights any corrections made. WDC RATINGS: 79% (COLOR TUNE) 94% (SKIN TUNE)


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