The new iPhone 5 has the best camera in an iPhone yet. We review it up against its acclaimed predecessor

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Apple iPhone 5

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  • Faster processor, Higher maximum ISO, lighter, thinner, stronger


Apple iPhone 5 Review

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iPhone 5 Image Quality

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The camera module in the iPhone 5 may be different from the one in the 4s but it behaves in an almost identical way. Using both cameras side by side the images are virtually indistinguishable in normal conditions, and even indoors.

Sharpness and detail are excellent while exposures are generally spot on, with punchy but not unnatural colours. In extremely low light though (such as candlelight) it’s a different story. The iPhone 5 still produces usable if noisy images with recognisable shadow detail in conditions when the 4s fails to capture any image at all.

Apple iPhone 4S test image. In good light images from the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 are virtually indistinguishable in quality.

Apple iPhone 5 test image.

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