The K-S2 is Pentax’s latest mid-range DSLR, continuing its tradition of offering affordable yet well-specified cameras. Find out how it gets on in our Pentax K-S2 review.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Pentax K-S2

Image Quality:18%


  • Wide range of physical controls; Comprehensive in-body image stabilisation; Generous viewfinder


  • Lacking a touchscreen; JPEG image quality not great; Handgrip on the large side


Pentax K-S2 Review


Price as reviewed:

£649.00 (with 18-50mm lens)

Pentax K-S2 Review – Performance

Pentax K-S2 Review - Pentax K-S2 product shot 4

The K-S2’s AF performance is solid

In terms of specification, the K-S2’s AF configuration is some way behind its competitors. The 11-point AF set-up is certainly superseded by the 19-point set-up found on the EOS 750D or the 39-point system on the Nikon D5500, although on the whole it still performs perfectly well on static subjects. AF performance in Live View mode more impressive, being as it is powered by a contrast-detect set-up.

The only potential issue is with regards to manual focus – unlike most other brands there’s no way to switch off the manual focus wheel on the lens which can prove rather distracting in use.

In general use the K-S2 is perfectly snappy with no noticeable power-up or shot-to-shot delay, while the controls and menu system are all perfectly intuitive and make for a pleasing user experience.

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